About Us

Curiosity Hacked is a non profit organization, founded in the Fall of 2012 in Oakland CA, that focuses on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education, skill building and community engagement with the aspiration to help our children develop skills in the areas they are truly interested in, abilities that would allow them to dream big and create big.

Our mission

Curiosity Hacked is a non-profit, inclusive organization dedicated to addressing the needs of the global maker community through STEAM education and skill building. The Curiosity Hacked model provides knowledge, application, and retention of concepts and skills while supporting independence and interest. Our innovative open source programs promote learning through a variety of developmental and educational methods which prepare our children to adapt to new technology and give them the ability to achieve individual goals. Curiosity Hacked encourages the relentless pursuit of knowledge through relevant hands-on activities , mentorship, community and family engagement,  and the development of a strong moral character and leadership skills through our core values.

Our objectives

  • To prepare the next generation for a complex world through supporting creative innovation, the ability to adapt to new technology, and to value collaboration as well as sustainability.
  • To give kids the opportunity to work with variety of experts and mentors from the community and ensure a well rounded and high level of attention and skill building for all ages through programs that meet the different needs of our young makers.
  • To reach as many kids as possible and support them in building their own education through programs that are both accessible and affordable.​
  • To provide open source material and support to anyone who shares our vision.

Curiosity Hacked is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


Why Curiosity Hacked?

​Curiosity Hacked is an inclusive, diverse, co-ed organization designed to support the next generation of makers, explorers, entrepreneurs, and leaders through innovative programs that blend creativity and technical skill through the study of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).  Every part of our organization is guided by the fundamental belief that children learn best when they are self-motivated and enthusiastic about a subject, when they have skilled mentors, and when the environment supports their social, emotional, and cognitive developmental needs. In Curiosity Hacked, kids have the opportunity to explore new concepts and skills, focus on their individual goals, and create community. This makes us unique. In a quickly changing world, Curiosity Hacked provides a relevant, consistent, well-rounded foundation of knowledge combined with an emphasis on values like resourcefulness, ingenuity, creativity, and persistance that will support our kid's ability to adapt to new technology, now and in the future. We have a vision of changing the way STEAM education is approached and taught, and we believe in accessibility and accountability. Through partnerships with others around the world who share our vision, we are helping to establish a unique and collaborative community and making our mission a reality.

Why "Hacker" instead of "Maker"?

The term "hacking" has a bad rap. Unfortunately, there are some who associate the term with illegal activity. Hacking is simply taking something- like an object or idea- and changing it to fit one's own need. Hacking is the improvement and modification of technology. Hacking is how we progress. At Curiosity Hacked, making isn't enough. We are hacking what education can look like. We are hacking activities so that families get the most information and skills out of them. We are hacking new thing out old things because it not only changes the way kids see the process of how things are built and used, but it changes their world view towards conservation and sustainability. We are taking back the word "Hacking"! Here is a great video about the term, the importance, and the potential of Hacking. Full disclosure: it features our talented Guild Leader Garratt Gallagher. Here is The Media Show: What is a Hacker? starring Mitch Altman and a puppet.

What ages do you serve?

Our programs generally serve kids from ages 4 to teen. All ages are welcome at Curiosity Hacked Open Lab.

Are you affiliated with any other program?

​No. Curiosity Hacked is unique and independent in our approach and focus. We do, however, enjoy partnering and collaborating with other organizations when it fits our collective mission and larger goals.