Hannah's Essay on Hacker Scouts

My friends, THIS is why we do what we do. It was awesome receiving this in an email from Hannah's mother.

"Her assignment was to write an essay about something memorable in her life that changed her in some way. We talked about numerous events in her life and she wanted to write about Hacker Scouts. 

This is her rough draft:"


"I started Hackerscouts in June of 2013. Hackerscouts is fun. I like Hackerscouts because I get to make stuff. At first I didn't know what a 3D printer was but now I know. Now I know what hacking is. It has changed me.

Hackerscouts made me want to print something on the 3D printer. Now I know what a hackerspace looks like. You can also sew things. I hacked a peice of cloth and sewed a small purse for my freind. I am proud of myself. I am good at soldering, sewing, designing and building. 

I learned how to solder and to make a circuit. I learned how to follow directions. Hackerscouts made me more proud of myself. I feel smarter."

Hannah, age 9

Update 9/10/13: Hannah revised her essay and requested that I post the final version! One thing is clear- Hannah is awesome and we are proud to have her as a part of our community! Go Hannah Go!


"Hackerscouts has changed my life. Hackerscouts is fun because I can make stuff that I can play with later. It is special to me because I feel proud of myself and smarter. I now know how to do things that most kids don't know. I think it is important to learn hacking for the future because I can invent things and become a famous inventor. 
When I started Hackerscouts in June of 2013 I thought hacking had to do with just computers. I learned that you could hack garbage, songs and cloth. Hacking means to change something into something new. A hackerspace is a place where you learn how to hack things. At Hackerscouts I learned how to solder a bug that lights up and that you can use conductive thread to sew blinkie lights onto fabric. I also learned that a lazer cutter can be programmed to cut wood and fabric into different shapes and that 3D printers make plastic stuff. There is so much to learn at Hackerscouts. 
I learned a lot at Hackerscouts but the most important thing I learned is about me. I learned that I am smart, creative and I like to learn new things. I learned that I can build and design as well as sew and solder. I am excited about Hackerscouts and I can't wait until I go there again because the things I make are cool. "