Scout Sundays: Azad in Menlo Park


Azad, age 12

Guild 002, Menlo Park CA


What kinds of things do you like to make?

I like doing electronics and etextiles.


What is your favorite project you have done?

I liked making the Larson Scanner because it reminds me of one of my favorite old shows.


What are you excited about learning in the future?

I really want to learn how to design my own video games and how to build battle bots.


Which badges are your favorites/most excited about?

Anything that gets me to the things I want to learn. The stuff I just told you about.


What do you enjoy about getting together with your Hacker Scouts community?

I like soldering and it's cool when I learn something new. I like watching other kids shoot their rockets. I like helping other kids who need help.


If you could make anything-what is your dream project?

I have a whole design in my head to make a life size TARDIS with a mural on the inside so it looks like you are stepping into the real one. I will also make a working sonic screwdriver. I also want to design an RPG video game that is like a cross between racing and Halo, and make it really hard.


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Gosh, that's hard! There is a place in Santa Cruz that sells a flavor called Root Beer Swirl. But if I can't have that then it depends on my mood.


Favorite video game?

That's hard too! Halo and Minecraft I guess.