Welcome to our community! Curiosity Hacked was founded in 2012 in Oakland, CA as a learner centered nation-wide youth program dedicated to STEAM education and skill building.

After 4 incredible years, we have closed the Oakland Lab and are currently making decisions about the organization and how best to serve our community next.

We will keep this page open as a way to stay current on the larger work we are doing and ways you can participate. It’s also a place we share what inspires us!

If you are specifically interested in keeping in touch with our founder and ED Samantha, she will be offering a small curated batch of classes and workshops in Berkeley. You can follow on Sam’s website here: or on her FB page here: Samantha Matalone Cook: Educator, Writer, Maker

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us or participated in one of our programs. Your kids are incredible and we have loved every moment with all the families who came to learn and make with us.